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HTC Vive Pre-Orders Will Open On February 29

 The HTC-Valve partnership, which uncloaked last spring to reveal the pair working on a virtual reality experience called Vive, continues to push towards a consumer release — with their VR headset slated to ship in…

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The Less Sporty Side Of E-Sports

 The e-sports industry is getting big. Really big. More people watch Twitch than CNN. Riot, Valve, Activision-Blizzard and EA all have e-sports initiatives. The largest tournaments attract tens of millions of viewers and offer multi-million…

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GameFace Labs On Their Upcoming Untethered VR Headset

Yesterday on the CES TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield stage I sat down with Edward Mason, Founder and CEO of VR Headset startup GameFace Labs. Founded in London, GameFace Labs makes a self-contained VR headset, meaning it doesn’t…